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Enhance your sales with these popular Eastern influence Feng Shui products!
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ALUMINUM WIND CHIME ALUMINUM WIND CHIME Nature sounds accompanied by the soft gentle tones of this aluminum and wood wind chime. Natural pine finish. Tubes range from 12" to 17".(EA) WHOLESALE, FENG SHUI, WIND CHIMES
MSRV $37.95
Catalog $27.95
CHINESE LANTERN CHINESE LANTERN Burnished metal lamp with etched characters representing Joy, Love, Peace and Harmony. 5" x 5" x 7" high.(1 EA) WHOLESALE, ORIENTAL, ASIAN, LANTERNS
MSRV $14.95
Catalog $10.95
WOOD/ALUMINUM WIND CHIME WOOD/ALUMINUM WIND CHIME A simple yet elegant windchime perfect for the porch of that country cottage or sun dappled patio. The slightest breeze starts a gentle symphony. Overall length: 24". (EA) WHOLESALE, FENG SHUI,CHIMES
MSRV $23.95
Catalog $16.95
34638 Miniature Zen Garden 34638 Miniature Zen Garden

Miniature Zen Garden
Zen Garden in miniature includes a square dish, white sand, three stones, mini pagoda, and rake. 7 1/4'' x 7 1/8'' x 1 3/4'' high.
Retail Price $7.95 to $11.95

GOOD LUCK CANDLE HOLDER GOOD LUCK CANDLE HOLDER Circle-shaped glass candle holder with symbol upside down signifying luck has come. 4 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 4 3/4" high. (1 EA) WHOLESALE, ORIENTAL, ASIAN, CANDLE HOLDERS
MSRV $12.95
Catalog $8.95
FAN SHAPE CANDLE HOLDER FAN SHAPE CANDLE HOLDER Fan-shaped Feng Sui mirrored glass candle holder. 4 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 4 3/8" high. (1 EA) WHOLESALE, ORIENTAL, ASIAN, CANDLE HOLDERS
MSRV $12.95
Catalog $8.95

Feng Shui Design and Decorating Products
*Feng Shui Design Tips *Other Asian Decor *Feng Shui Decorating. Feng Shui is all about how much you enjoy life and how easily things flow into your life. Being in a place where one feels in "Balance" comes from how inspired one is to act on their dreams, if one has friends to share their life with and how supported they feel in life. This would suggest the "Feng Shui Balance" is mainly a since of security with one's life and surroundings. Zen gardens were primarily used as a means of meditation. They can be incorporated into the Feng Shui design. Zen gardens are known to clear the mind of all stress, distractions, pressures and mental turmoil which ultimately leads to increased sexual enjoyment. A three hundred year old tradition used to this day with amazing results. The physical components of the garden are simple. Sand represents the sea; stones represent the mountains; rakes are for tending the sacred gardens. Add an aromatherapy candle for added enlighten. Home Feng Shui tips, decorating Feng Shui products, Feng Shui fountains and gardens, Feng Shui wind chimes. Unique gifts for all who love the elegance of the Eastern Asian Culture. Go to Feng Shui Fountains

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