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Asian Dolls, Oriental Dolls, Japanese Dolls
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SAMURAI DOLL ON WOOD BASE SAMURAI DOLL ON WOOD BASE In full Samurai regalia, this striking figure, complete with fan and sword, rests on a wooden base and is a striking ornamentation for your home. 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 12" high.(1 EA) ORIENTAL, ASIAN, DOLLS
MSRV $40.95
Catalog $29.95
JAPANESE BRIDE DOLL JAPANESE BRIDE DOLL Lush, heron motif brocade covers this delicate Japanese bride doll. A black, lacquered, wooden display case completes the graceful presentation. 6-1/4" x 5-1/8" x 11-1/2" high. (1 EA) DOLLS, ORIENTAL
MSRV $47.95
Catalog $34.95

Chinese Wedding Couple
This hopeful young couple, dressed in the beautiful traditional costume worn by the Chinese on their wedding day, look with wide, eager eyes toward their future together.Alabastrite. 3 1/3'' x 1 1/2'' x 8 1/4'' high. set of 2 (1 Set) WFM-36347
Retail $24.95 to $33.95

Dainty Chinese Doll
A delicate doll with skin of pure alabaster-white beauty is adorned in a meticulously detailed traditional costume of a young Chinese noblewoman. Gypsum and foam. 5'' x 5'' x 12'' high. (1 EA) DOLLS, ASIAN DOLLS WFM-36346
Retail $24.95 to $33.95
Chinese Doll in Red Shirt
Hailing from far across the ocean, this black-haired beauty brings with her the simple grace of the Orient. Enchantingly exotic with gleaming braids and brocade clothes right down to her toes, she's sure to become a treasured addition to your collection, or a cherished companion for any young girl! Porcelain with polyester clothing. 16" tall. (1 EA) WFM-37865
Retail $19.95 to $27.95

Asian Dolls, Oriental Dolls, Japanese Dolls
The rich culture of Japanese dolls dates back to 3000 B.C., but it was through the use of finer materials and more polished techniques during the Edo Period (1614-1868) that they made the largest gains in popularity. Various dolls are used during festivals. Among them are hina dolls, which are displayed during the girl's festival and samurai dolls, which are displayed during the boy's festival.

Religious Talismanic, Offerings, Souvenir: Talismanic - Dolls were made for children before or at birth, and kept near them to distract evil spirits. Offerings - Dolls offered up usually have a function (like the protective dolls for children) of substituting for or representing the person offering them. Souvenirs - Several types of dolls originated as items made by monks to be sold at shrines.

Festival family, personal, Public: Family & Personal - Several annual festivals revolve around decorating the house in a particular way, and two in particular involve, or used to involve, dolls such as mentioned above; Girls' Day and Boys' Day. Public - Many localities celebrate historical/religious festivals by pulling huge floats or carts through the town, and these carts often include dolls, images of historical, legendary, or religious figures, and especially mechanical dolls.

Gift Personal, Commemorative: Personal - Because gift-giving is so important in Japanese culture, nearly all types of dolls are appropriate gifts. Commemorative - This is a special category, particularly significant in modern business. Dolls are sometimes made to order for a company to give as gifts to its personnel, or for presentation by an official group to an official person or group on a special occasion.

Souvenir and Heirloom: Souvenir - This would include the category of religious souvenirs discussed above, but also the myriad folk dolls of Japan, each produced in and associated with a particular locality. Heirloom - Festival dolls may take many hours of labor to create, and look extremely fine, but they are by their nature and stuffing not durable.

Decoration, Craft Hobby & Play: Decoration - A very fine hakata or oyama type doll would harmonize with the scroll and flowers of the season. Craft Hobby - Doll making is a popular craft, something that women in particular seem always to have enjoyed doing. Play - Doll play has evidently been a feature of the Japanese girl's life for over 1,000 years.

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