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KING TUT INCENSE BOX KING TUT INCENSE BOX King Tut incense storage box. 9" x 2 3/4" x 3 3/8" high. Alabastrite. (1 EA) WHOLESALE, EGYPTIAN, INCENSE BOXES
MSRV $20.95
Catalog $14.95
Wood Boxes with Incense Cones Wood Boxes with Incense Cones Wood Boxes with Incense Cones
Artful designs are cut into the lid of this shesham wood box. Inside it holds 12 incense cones, and a brass inlay decorates the front. Assorted scents and designs. 1-1/8" x 6-3/8" x 2-1/8" high. (package of 6)
MSRV $47.95
Catalog $35.95

A lidded cylinder holds incense (60 sticks included) and the figure on top has a hole to support the stick while it burns. Assorted designs and scents. 2-7/8" diameter x 7-1/2" high. (PK 6) BURNERS
MSRV $59.95 to $79.95
Natural Spa Wooden Incense Set
Relaxing and refreshing incense brings to mind the sacred scents of the timeless Asian temples. Create an air of deepest healing with green tea sun and patchouli fragrances and enjoy a luxury spa experience right in your very own home! Includes 20 incense sticks and 20 cones, strikingly packaged in a hinged wooden gift box. 3 1/4"diameter x 12" high.    (1 SET) WFM-37874
Retail $11.95 to $16.95

Incense Storage Boxes and Containers
Types of wonderful wholesale incense fragrances, burners and storage boxes and containers!
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The history of incense!
Incense has been used by mankind for centuries. In fact, probably with the discovery of fire, primitive man surely didn't miss the pleasing aromas of different types of wood when burnt. It's probable that our ancestors realized that most materials give off a unique and sometimes powerful aroma while burning which actually heightened the senses both that of sight and smell. Indeed varying emotional effects could have also been realized. As it is today, most likely back then, the air is quickly filled with intoxicating aromas simply by throwing some dried leaves, spices or twigs into a fire. Incense artifacts, dated thousands of years old, have been found by Anthropologists all over the world. They appear to be a part of every culture weather used for religious, medicine or shaman practices. Why burn incense? Well, quite frankly, humans are blessed with five basic senses. Touch is the most intimate and then comes smell which is also very intimate and more directly wired to the brain. Memory and smell are heavily intertwined and certain smells can send one back to a memorable place or event. A customer buys cinnamon incense because burning it reminds him of his mom baking an apple pie every Sunday after church. That was a special time in his life and it always puts a good feeling in his body and a smile on his face. Incense is also a powerful assistant for meditation. Many gentle scents can bring greater depth to your meditation. There is a very expensive Japanese incense that is sought after worldwide which may actually create a biochemical reaction, which impacts the meditation experience.

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