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Enhance someone's world with these fabulous novelty pens for everyone!
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WINGED ANGEL PENS WINGED ANGEL PENS Bright angel pens in assorted colors. Blue ink. 6 1/2" long.(3 DZ) WHOLESALE, PENS, ANGELS
MSRV $97.95
Catalog $71.64
NOTEBOOKS W/ PENS NOTEBOOKS W/ PENS These colorful notebooks are just waiting for you to put down your innermost thoughts using the funky feather pen which is included. Notebook: 7" x 5-1/2" x 1-1/2" high. (PK 6) WHOLESALE, PENS
MSRV $48.95
Catalog $35.7
PLUSH ANIMAL PENS PLUSH ANIMAL PENS Here is an unusual combination ... a plush animal and a pen all rolled into one! 6 designs. 2 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 9" high. (PK 6) WHOLESALE, PENS, NOVELTIES
MSRV $24.95
Catalog $17.94
AMERICANA HEART LIGHT PEN AMERICANA HEART LIGHT PEN Love the USA? This whimsical pen clearly belongs to the red, white, and blue! It lights up as you write (pushing down on the pen tip). Black ink. 6 1/4" long.(2 DZ) WHOLESALE, PENS, NOVELTIES
MSRV $64.95
Catalog $47.76

Dollar Bill Pens
Every word is extra-precious when it's been written by these snappy pens! Brightened with a money-print barrel and crowned with a playful "dollar sign" charm; comfort grip for easy writing. Blue ink. Plastic and metal.Each is 1/2" diameter x 6 1/4" long. Box of 24. (2 DOZ) WFM-38182 WHOLESALE PENS, NOVELTY PENS
Retail $59.76 to $80.95
Wholesale Price $27.90


Patriotic Aircraft Pens
Zoom through even the dullest writing task with these star-spangled, patriotic pens! Authentic aircraft styling includes finned "tail" and real working foldable wings! Blue ink. Metal and plastic. Each pen is 1" diameter x 6 1/2" long (wings folded). Box of 36. (1 PK) WFM-38183 WHOLESALE PENS, NOVELTY PENS
Retail $71.64 to $120.95
Wholesale Price $41.95

2-Dozen Halloween Dancing Pens 2-Dozen Halloween Dancing Pens

2-Dozen Halloween Dancing Pens
Halloween "dancing" pens. 5-2/3 cm x 19 cm long. Sold in a pack of 24 with display stand.
Retail $44.7 to $64.95
2-Dozen StarGlow Writer Pens 2-Dozen StarGlow Writer Pens 2-Dozen StarGlow Writer Pens
The StarGlow Writer has tiny stars cascading through the barrel, and lights up as you write. Glittering, glowing, good fun! Black ink. 6-1/4" long.
MSRV $127.95
Catalog $95.76


Purple Sequin Purse With Mini-Notebook & Pen
Mini notebook and pen in a small purse, all decorated with sequins and beads. Purple. 5'' x 4'' x 1/2'' high. (1 SET) WFM-35218
Retail $7.95 to $11.95

Plush Animal Notebook and Pen
Plush-covered, animal design notebook and pen set. 4 1/2'' x 7 3/4'' high. Sold in a pack of 4. (PK 4) WFM-35205
Retail $15.95 to $21.95

Novelty Pens and Bulk Wholesale Pens
Here's just a few great wholesale Ball Point Pens you'll find through out our website!
Pen and notebook sets and stationery sets plus scented pens and lighted light-up pens. Holiday pens for Halloween and Christmas. Sports pens and angel pens along with patriotic pens and alien pens.

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Check out these great wholesale novelties, unique gift novelties and Collectible novelties!
What are novelties? A novelties are small mass-produced adornments or articles. Novelties are usually new and unusual items such as toys or trinkets. Gift novelties are very desired by collectors world-wide. Many items such as PEZ candy dispensers become a high priced novelty collectible once it has aged. Discount novelties may be needed for a party, special occasions or promotional ads. and Flashing and light up novelties along with nautical, patriotic and photo novelties can all be found online.

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